Long Line

€ 24,95

Looking for a long line ? This long line in round BioThane is the one. It’s a very light weight and smooth leash that can handle a lot of strenght. All materials that have been used have a minimal breaking point of 225 kg.


Long leashes are not always easy to put away. That's why we deliver our long leashes with a velcro strap. You can use it to wrap around your leash if it's not being used.


This leash has been created with the supervision of trainer Joshua from www.dehondenschoolgent.be. We used his experience and knowledge as a dogtrainer to create some products that are perfect to use in training or even for your daily dogwalk.


BioThane is a coated webbing that’s waterproof, dirtproof and stinkproof. This also means it is easy to clean and maintain. If you had BioThane gear for your dog once you don’t want anything else anymore. 



! Our prices are higher than the coated webbing leashes you'll find in some big retailstores. This is because we use the real BioThane. This is not just some coated webbing.

Why do we use BioThane ? It's more flexibel in all weather conditions, much more comfortable and soft because it doesn't feel like plastic and it's more durable than a random coated webbing.